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Department of Surgical Oncology

Head of the Department: 
Phone: 0490 23 99 214,212 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Divisions  Ceneral Surgical Oncology Division
Head and Neck Oncology
Gynaecology/ Gynaecologic Oncology
Rehabilitation-Physiotherapy, Speech & Swallowing therapy
  Ocular/Ophthalmic oncology division

              The Department of Surgical Oncology in MCC was set up in the year 2001. The department has been developing along with the development of the centre. The staffs and infrastructure has been added time to time.
The first objective of the department is to treat cancer patients with surgery with the most advanced and updated techniques and technology. The second objective is to train young surgeons in cancer surgeries.

Scope of Service

1)    Neuro Onco Surgery
2)    Head and Neck Onco Surgery
3)    Thoraccic Onco Surgery
4)    Breast Onco Surgery
5)    Gastro-intestinal Onco Surgery
6)    Uro Onco Surgery
7)    Gynaec Onco Surgery
8)    Ortho and Extremity Onco Surgery
9)    Plastic and Reconstructive Onco Surgery

Functions of the Department

Outpatient Services: Here the cancer patients will be seen as out patients. The necessary care regarding the diagnosis, evaluation and follow up of patients will be done. The divisions will be working independently to cater to the needs of the particular patients. The diagnostic evaluations, necessary tests and work will be done as outpatient.

In Patient Services: This service will also function independently for each divisions. The patients who needs surgical expertise care will be admitted as in patients. The necessary evaluation, care and surgery will be done. The patients will be admitted to various in-patients wards as per the need. Preoperative wards will cater to preoperative preparation of patients. Post operative wards will be for post operative care for patients after surgery. Surgical intensive care unit will be for patients immediately after surgery for intensive and critical care. High dependency unit will give second level care to critical patients.

Operation theatre: The operation theatre will be for all the divisions of surgical oncology. Three major and one minor OTs are working under this department. More than thousand surgeries are done in each year. The facilities available are;
•    Gastro intestinal Oncosurgery
•    Laparoscopic surgery
•    Thoracic Oncosurgery
•    Head and Neck Surgery
•    Laser Surgery
•    Microlaryngeal and Endoscopic sinus surgery
•    Skull base surgery
•    Microvascular surgery
•    Breast and Gynaec Oncosurgery
•    Urology & Pelvic Onco surgery
•    Bone and Soft tissue Oncosurgery
•    Limb Salvage Surgery

Endoscopy Services: The major procedure done in this unit are; Flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy, Flexible bronchoscopy, Flexible oesophago gastro duodenoscopy, Flexible colonoscopy, Paediatric upper GI scopy,Colposcopy, Flexible Cystoscopy.

Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD): Today more and more infectious diseases from a serious threat to people’s health. Adequate sterile supply plays an essential role in the attempt to reduce the spreading of disease within the health care service. MCC was established a well designed CSSD. Many instruments and materials used for medical and surgical interventions are very expensive and are designed such that they can be reused. A high quality reprocessing cycle is necessary in which the used materials are treated in away can be used safely again. The central processing area is one such manufacturing and production unit within the health care section. The Central Sterile Supply Department supplies sterile materials to OTs, Branchy Unit, BMT Unit Endoscopy unit, ICUs, Minor OT’s, Dialysis unit, Cvad clinic, Chemo Ward and other sterilization needs of the entire hospital. The objective of this unit is ;
1)    To provide optimum service to all departments that requires sterile supplies.
2)    To train all employees in order to assure optimal sterile technique and aseptic handling of all sterile items.
3)    To accurately carry out the sterilization processes for all items, using the method determined by the manufacturer and Infection Control program me.
4)    To maintain an inventory of supplies and equipments.
5)    To provide a safe environment for the patients and staff.
6)    To maintain quality control parameter for all methods of sterilization and to document the effectiveness of each method.

Speech & Swallowing therapy: Speech Therapy is a rehabilitative procedure undertaken in order to help the people having any kind of Communication Disorders or Problems and some swallowing problems. A speech therapist  work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults. The following services are offered by this unit;
•    Clinical evaluations
•    Videofluroscopic swallow study
•    Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallow study
•    Speech evaluation
•    Voice evaluation
•    Counseling
•    Swallowing therapy
•    Speech therapy
•    Voice therapy
•    Laryngectomy voice rehabilitation

Physiotherapy: Management of cancer is multidisciplinary, apart from other members, physiotherapy also a important role in cancer rehabilitation. The main aim of physiotherapists working with patients  with cancer to be :assisting these individuals  to minimize some of the effects  which the disease or its treatment has on them. It is often possible to improve their quality of life, regardless of their prognosis  by helping them to achieve their maximum potential or gain relief from distressing symptoms. The following services are offered by this unit;
•    Muscle Stimulation
•    Tens
•    Ultrasound Therapy
•    CPM
•    Aids and Appliances
•    Exercise therapy
•    Joint Mobilization
•    Chest Physiotherapy
•    Neuro Rehabilitation



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