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Department of Cancer Registry and Epidemiology

Head of the Department: Dr. Saina Sunil Kumar (MBBS, MHSc Public Health)
Phone: 0490 23 99 246 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Medical Records

        Registry is tasked with ensuring good quality cancer data available to inform and drive improvements in standards of cancer care and clinical outcomes, as well as enabling the use of cancer information to support audit and research programmes.
 At both the national and community level, cancer registration schemes are central   to research into the nature and causation of cancer, to the planning of health service ,resources and cancer control programmes, and to the assessment of their efficacy .Cancer registration is thus part of  a modern health information system An  accurate  picture  of  the cancer  burden depends  on  the  creation of  a population-based cancer registry.
 Registry can provide an accurate estimate of the future number of cancer patients ,to plan the best possible allocation of finite resources to the core elements of cancer control: primary prevention, screening and early diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care. Intrinsic in translating cancer predictions to decision-making processes is an understanding of the forces that might affect the future estimates in all the departments, specially Community Oncology  and Cancer palliative Medicine.
 In collaboration with National Cancer Registry Programme of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), a Hospital Based Cancer Registry (HBCR) was initiated on November 2010 and started functioning from February 2011 onwards. This department was set up to provide the cancer statistics reported at MCC and the information on patient care. HBCR is partially supported by NCRP- ICMR. 



•    Malabar cancer centre is included under the network of cancer registries across the country under the National Cancer Registry Programme (NRCP) & funded from March 1st 2017, which is long term activity and is one of the major activities of the division of non-communicable diseases.
•    The cancer registration is a mechanism to collect and classify information on all cancer cases in order to produce statistics on the occurrence of cancer and to provide a framework for assessing and controlling the impact of cancer on the community.

Major Projects
1)    Hospital Based Cancer Registry (HBCR): Hospital based cancer registry collect information of cancers reported in MCC, regardless of where that person with cancer resides.  Hospital based registries help in assessing cancer patient care in the hospital and aid in hospital administration including the individual hospital’s cancer control programmes.
2)    Patterns of care and Survival Studies: To obtain the clinical stage and treatment based survival in all registered and treated patientsthe Department started a funded project of NCRP/ICMR, Patterns of Care & Survival Studies in Breast, Cervix & Head & Neck cancers started in 2014.This project will help to obtain reliable data on magnitude and patterns of cancer and to undertake epidemiological studies.
3)    Malabar Population Based Cancer Registry (MPBCR): To prepare an accurate incidence and mortality data- base of cancer cases in three districts Kannur, Kasaragod and Mahe the department launched Malabar Population Based Cancer Registry (MPBCR) on 1st January 2014 in the districts of Kannur, Kasaragod &Mahe (Two States- Kerala & Pondicherry) with the help of 8 field staffs – 4 social Investigators and 4 Data Collectors. Malabar Population cancer registry (MPBCR) collect information of all new cancer cases reported from the population residing in Kannur, Kasaragod and Mahe.  
4)    Lifestyle and Cancer: To assess the epidemiological evidence on diet and cancer and to make public health recommendations, the division started new project titled “Lifestyle & Cancer” and for that the department commenced new lifestyle registration and started to enter the data into the new software.
5)    Community based Cancer Registry(CBCR): At local self-government level, collecting data of cancer cases through house to house visit, incidence/mortality, Co-morbidities and Life style related facts on food/addictions from 2014 onwards. First initiated at Nileshwar block of Kasaragod district (2014-2016).


           The mission of the Medical Record division is to develop, implement and continually improve the safe, confidential, systematic and effective method of receiving, filing storing, retrieving and discarding the medical record of the patients admitted for the treatment in accordance to the legal requirements.

             A medical record is the chronological documentation of health care and medical treatment given to a patient by professional members of the health care team. It is an accurate, prompt recording of their observations including relevant information about the patient, the patient’s progress and the results of the treatment. The Department forms an Integral part of the Hospital, forming the base station for all the medical records.

             Medical record keeping is not only a legal requirement but also helps in analyzing the medical care, research base, a source of back reference in case the patient seeks the care in the same hospital or the need for review of the disease suffered or medication given is there in case the patient is taking services in some other health care set up thus forming a continuity of care. The hospital has modern technology, highest level of environmental controls and fully trained and experienced staff who are dedicated to the maintenance of the medical records with record to safety, security and protection from damage.


The services mainly rendered by the department of MRD are:
1)    Receive the medical record file from the various specialties after the patient has either been discharged from the hospital or has died.
2)    Check the files for any discrepancies in the record and get it amended by the respective person including doctors, nurses and other support staff.
3)    Assembling of IP sheets
4)    Arrange the files as per the order.
5)    Death registration through online.
6)    Diagnostic coding of diseases using ICD-10




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