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Head of the Department:

Dr.Sangeetha.K.Nayanar, Professor


1. Transfusion Medicine Division

       A full-fledged Blood Bank is functioning in this Centre with facilities for providing whole blood as well as components like packed RBCs, platelet rich plasma, platelet concentrate, single donor plasma, , cryoprecipitate and fresh frozen plasma.

       This is one of the most well equipped blood bank in the North Malabar region and caters to lot of hospitals in and around Thalassery & Kannur. Blood grouping & donation camps and awareness classes are conducted routinely, thereby generating greater public interest in blood donation and transfusion related diseases.The Blood Bank at MCC is now starting Apharesis services as well.

    The Blood Bank is well-staffed with qualified technicians,is well-equipped, well- ventilated & located at an easily accessible point in the hospital.


2. Oncopathology Division

    The department of Oncopathology provides all diagnostic services including Surgical Pathology reporting, Cytopathology work like FNAC & Aspiration cytology and Haematology services like Automated Blood cell counts, Peripheral smear & Bone marrow studies. Special studies like Frozen sections using Cryostat for intra-operative diagnosis, Immunohistochemistry for diagnosis of difficult or rare tumours are also performed.The service laboratory is on its way to acquire state-of-art new machines & instruments, thus ushering in latest technological advances in disease diagnosis. 

3. Molecular Oncology Division

A Research oriented well equipped molecular oncology laboratory will be functioning very soon.

4. Microbiology Division

A well equipped microbiology laboratory will be opening shortly.This will be functioning with experienced and talented microbiologists and technicians.

Apart from all the conventional microbial cultutres ,microscopic procedures and serological methods we have fully automated machines which will help us to fine tune our services.

The BACTEC 9050 ,automated blood culture system will enable us the rapid detection of blood pathogens.Replacing the cumbersome conventional methods ,the automated identification and sensitivity system-BD Phoenix 100 identifies and furnishes susceptibility test results accurately & in quick time. With all these equipments and expertise,the microbiology lab will provide stage of the art facilities in empowering clinical decisions.

5. Biochemistry Division

The Clinical Biochemistry laboratory provides the best support in diagnosis and management of cancer patients using tests and procedures that meet the international standards of quality assurance. The quality of the test results were assessed by both internal and external quality assurance programmes. The policy of the lab is to provide reliable and dependable results with accuracy and precision. The department is equipped with fully automated analysers for the analysis of complete biochemistry parameters, Immunoassay system for the analysis of different types of tumour markers. Automated Electrophoresis apparatus and Coagulometer are new additions to the armamentarium, Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) analyser caters to effective monitoring of critical care patients on therapy and also the preoperative and postoperative evaluation in surgical patients. Trained technicians under able faculties execute the daily outpatient and inpatient sample load. The laboratory provides an advanced training as observers forB.Sc. andM.Sc. students in Medical Biochemistry, Biochemistry, MLT and Biotechnology.