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Imageology Division

Head of the Division:

 Dr. Satheesh babu TV, Assistant Professor

This division has the following facilities 


GE DX 525 X-Ray Unit was commissioned in 2005 along with Automatic Film Processing Unit.
A GE Genius Portable X-Ray machine is also available in the Department.
Digital radiography is going to start soon.


Has one of the best mammography machine- Hologic Selenia Dimension with 3D mammography, stereotaxic and mammotome biopsy facility. Unit also has CAD facility.

Ultrasound Scan

Three Ultrasound Scanners available in the Department.

  1. GE LOGIQ 200 Ultrasound Machine
  2. Portable Ultrasound Scanner MUS 602
  3. A new Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner (Hitachi EUB) installed on 30/09/2010.

Major services includes routine abdominal scans, doppler, USG guided biopsies, drainage, pigtail insertion and brachytherapy planning. 

CT Scanner

The GE Lightspeed Multi slice CT scanner with GE Advantage Sim Virtual simulation workstations was commissioned in 2007.The major activity includes routine spiral CT scan, CT Angiography, Multi phase studies, guided biopsies, drainage procedures, pigtail insertion and radiotherapy treatment planning. 

RFA Machine and Maxio Robotic arm.

MRI Scanner

HDxT 1.5T Signa 16 Channel GE MRI scan was commissioned in January 2013. The machine has capability for routine imaging, whole body imaging, whole body DWI, endorectal coils for prostate, rectal and cervix imaging with prostate spectroscopy, dedicated breast coils and non contrast whole body angiography. 

Has GE Centricity PACS.

       Feature plan to start interventional radiology and to procure MR HIFU, one more CT and MRI.