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Clinical Research and Biostatistics Division

The conquest of cancer continues to pose great challenges to medical science. The disease is notably complex, affecting nearly every tissue lineage in human bodies and arising from normal cells because of diverse mutation affecting many genes. It is also widespread and lethal. Despite significant federal and industrial investments in cancer research in India and a wealth of discoveries about the genetic, biochemical and functional changes in cancer cells, cancer is commonly viewed as, at best, minimally controlled by modern medicines & techniques, especially when compared with other major diseases. Indeed, the age-adjusted mortality rate for cancer is about the same in 21st century as it was 50 years ago.

Vision of Clinical Research:

“FRESH”: A new era in Cancer Research “FRESH” has a five-fold vision as:

  • Fundamental
  • Revolutionary
  • Economic
  • Sympathetic
  • Honest

 Vision for Bio-Statistics: 

  • Strive for excellence in quantitative health service, education, and research for the society through biostatistical collaboration and innovation.
  • Start new PG courses in Biostatistics, Diploma and certificate courses in data analysis and    software training in SPSS,SAS,R,RAPID MINER.
  • Fostering the understanding and implementation of biostatistical principles
  • An in-house consultancy service in biostatistical works for other institutes & service sectors for generating revenue for the centre
  • National & International collaboration in Academics & Professional Education related to Medical Statistics & Epidemiological surveys.
  • Generating new statistical models to promote quantitative health research and practice
  • Publish a new journal on Biostatistics & Epidemiology from the centre.
  • A user-friendly & comprehensive electronic database for public information system
  • Extension of PBCR system by validating of collection methods with reliable incorporation to the Indian Statistical system
  • Broad & long term surveys on epidemiological aspects of cancer in collaboration with International survey organizations like, UNESCO,WHO, ICMR etc.



  • National Workshop on “Clinical Trials and Meta Analysis” is to be held on 5th and 6th April 2014.

  • ONCO-BURDEN’ 13 : A Two-day National Workshop on “Burden of Disease- Concept & Calculation” to be held on 16-17 Nov’2013 at Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalassery, Kerala. The programme is supported by ICMR, New Delhi.
  • BIO-MATRIX’13: A Two-Day Workshop on “Basics of Biostatistics & Clinical Research Methodology: A Voyage Begins”, April 27-28’ 2013 at IMA Hall, Thalassery, Kerala.

Interested Research Areas in Biostatistics & Clinical Research

  1. Bayesian Biostatistics
  2. Cure Rate Modeling
  3. Disease Mapping
  4. Stochastic Modeling of Cancer Biology
  5. The projection of Cancer Patients in North Kerala


  1. Dr. Atanu Bhattacharjee, Asst. Professor in Bio-Statistics
  2. Mrs. Bindu T, Lecturer in Bio-Statistics
  3. Mr. Ratheesan K, Lecturer in Bio-Statistics
  4. Mr. Subhradev Sen, Lecturer in Bio-Statistics


Immediately requires on
permanent basis qualified Faculty as:
1. Radiation oncology,
2. Nuclear medicine,
1.Medical oncology,
2. Nuclear medicine,
3. Clinical Hematology
4. Radiology

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Due date of applications:
20/06/2020,5.00 PM


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